You can expect excellent service
service van

Preventative Maintenance

Every month, our trained service technicians will conduct a maintenance inspection on your DYCA equipment, including a thorough examination of internal machine components.

Emergency Service

Our job is to ensure all of our machines operate at optimal performance.  If you find any mechanical issues or run low on chemicals we are here to assist you with emergency service 7 days per week.

Chemical Supplies

We make your inventory management effortless.  We regularly perform verification of chemical dosage and usage to maintain your chemical inventory at all times.

Staff Training

Dyca technicians will provide on-site training for your staffon proper use of our equipment.  We train your staff to use our warewashing system safely and effectively.


We operate our own in-house fleet of service and delivery vehicles.  With your approval, we can order, deliver, and stock chemicals directly to your designated storage area saving you time and hassle.

Customized Configuration

Every restaurant is unique.  We will customize and adjust wash and rinse cycles, along with chemical dosage to fit your specific needs.

Equipment Installation

Installations are done at your convenience to minimize your downtime and disruption.  Our experienced installation team is overseen by our in-house General Contractor to ensure equipment is installed and operating safely.

Easy Payment

At Dyca, we strive to provide a “hassle free” experience, so you can focus on your business.  We accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards, checks, ACH and COD.

Renovation Consulting

Thinking about renovating your restaurant?

We’d love to share our network of industry professionals to assist with your planning and execution.